Paper Mario


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Con un aspecto muy peculiar, nuestro fontanero favorito ha vuelto en una colosal aventura que combina el diálogo y la exploración estilo RPG con la brillantez de la plataforma tradicional. Mario hace piruetas, da vueltas, salta y se abre paso a martillazos a través de un montón de mundos exóticos a los que se unen un gran elenco de súper divertidos personajes de Nintendo. En esta ocasión, el conocido fontanero no está solo en esta historia; un montón de simpáticos amigos, entre los que se incluyen Goombario, Kooper, Bombette y Parakarry, se unen a Mario en sus aventuras cargadas de emoción, y le prestan la habilidad de sortear abismos, derribar muros, explorar los alrededores y mucho, mucho más. Los nuevos amigos de Mario también pelean a su lado durante la lucha por turnos de Paper Mario, en la que una buena sincronización y un hábil uso de los botones pueden marcar la diferencia entre una victoria y una terrible derrota. Mezclando con destreza los detalles clásicos de las historias de Mario (Koopas, bloques invisibles, la Princesa Peach secuestrada de nuevo por Bowser) con un brillante diseño de niveles y desafíos realmente ingeniosos (hacer un pastel, explorar un casa de espejos gigante), Paper Mario es una encantadora experiencia para jugadores de todas la edades.


Now slimmed down, everyone's favorite plumber flips, spins, jumps and hammers his way through scads of exotic worlds that teem with a huge and hugely entertaining supporting cast. Deftly mixing classic Marioesque touches (Koopas, invisible blocks) with brilliant level design and truly offbeat challenges (baking a cake, exploring a giant house of mirrors), Paper Mario is an endlessly enchanting experience for players of all ages. Check out the game site at for more information on this action R.P.G.!

Finding Star Pieces and Badges Star Pieces are rarely just sitting in the open, waiting to be picked up. Mario catches a break on the road to Toad Town.
A more typical Star Piece scenario transpires in Dry Dry Desert. Bumbling archeologist Kolorado forks over the goods only after Mario has braved incredible adventures.
You usually have to work for Badges, too, but the Close Call Badge practically falls into Mario's pocket on the way to Toad Town. If you're low on HP, enemies are more likely to miss if you've equipped this Badge.

Rowf, Rip Cheato, Goombario Once you've successfully stormed the Kooopa Bros. fortress, you'll be able to peruse the aisles of Rowf's Badge Shop. Excellent values can be had here, though to hear the proprietor talk, every Badge here is a great buy.
Trust us -- buy from Rip Cheato, the bargain-driver of Toad Town Tunnels. Keep buying until you get three Star Pieces and the Bump Attack Badge.
A first-rate tour guide, Goombario provides valuable insights about every locale and enemy you encounter. His droll humor lightens up the proceedings, too.

Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry While traveling, Kooper can toss his shell across chasms to retrieve items and flip switches. In battle, he can shell-shock multiple enemies at once.
Pretty, pink and packed with pow-pow power, Bombette can blast through cracked walls and fragile rocks. In battle, she can ba-da-boom enemies.
Parakarry can carry plumbers brief distances. His high-flying attacks are especially potent against airborne enemies.

Bow, Watt, Sushie Lady Bow doesn't take lip from any one, especially the dimwitted Clubbas guarding Tubba Blubba's Castle. Her ability to make Mario transparent can be a huge help when danger is imminent.
Don't be decoyed by the pacifier -- as the screen shot shows, Watt can unleash attacks as spectacular as they are shocking. Her radiant personality can light up dim areas Mario is exploring.
Mario can dryly cross lakes and ponds on Sushie's back. No sob sister in battle, her waves of watery attacks help liquefy most enemies.

Wouldn't you want to call yourself "Spike" if your real name was "Lakilester"? In truth, Lakilester -- er, Spike -- is a sweet-tempered guy who can carry Mario harmlessly over spikes and other trouble spots. His Cloud Nine defense, though imperfect, proves indispensable in Bowser's Castle.