Milo's Astro Lanes


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Crave Entertainment's space age blend of bowling and miniature golf hurls family fun into the future.

Set a few parsecs to the left of your local bowling alley, Milo's Astro Lanes is an offbeat title aimed at avid and casual bowlers alike. The six eccentric pinpersons bear names like Ann Droid, Venusian Warbler and Johnny Slamball. The star of this stellar show carries the weighty moniker of Milo Terwilliker.

If you're expecting to find earthly Karaoke machines and cocktail lounges in these Astro Lanes, you're in for an intergalactic shock. Alleys sporting names like "Alien Invasion" and "Venus Vacation" completely ignore the specifications of the PBA, throwing S curves, ramps and turbo boosts in your path. As you defeat your competitors, bonus rounds and additional lanes become available.

Knocking down ten pins on Earth is hard enough, but in outer space the task becomes more challenging. There are power-ups placed along the lanes, which allow you to alter the performance of your bowling ball. You can transform your ball into a boulder-sized pin destroyer, or split it into three different balls as it approaches the pins. The power-ups become defensive attacks when your opponent approaches the line. Try foiling their plans by shrinking the ball to the size of a pea, or nonchalantly dissolve it with an acid attack.

Fans of realistic bowling games may get frustrated with these special attacks, but they make Milo's multiplayer mode the most appealing part of the game. No one knows what the next millenium will hold for planet Earth, but it's comforting to know that future generations will at least be able to bowl.