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BattleTanx is a classic arcade action shooter, a fast paced game of 3D Armored Tank Combat set in a post-apocalyptic United States. The game combines "kill or be killed" adrenaline-pumping battle action with the tactical elements of Capture the Flag. It can be played in multiple camera perspectives and can be experienced by one to four players.

  1. Battles take place in recognizable cities such as New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.
  2. Blast through buildings, level houses, crush cars and trees, and just about anything else that gets in your way.
  3. The most beautifully rendered pyrotechnics ever seen on the N64. Hyper-real explosions, fire, and smoke effects.
  4. Three kinds of tanks: the primary BattleTanx (similar to a M1A1 tank), the MotoTank (super fast hit and run cycle), and the Goliath Tank (special heavy cannon)
  5. Devastating arsenal includes guided missiles, lasers, swarmer missiles, mines, gun emplacements, cloaking, radar, and nuclear weapons.
  6. 17 levels that can be re-played by any of 9 different gangs allowing for over 1000 unique battles!
  7. Dynamic artificial intelligence – you’ll never know which tactics the computer will use against you.

Five types of fast and furious 3D action gameplay:

  1. DEATHMATCH: In this single or multi-player mode of play, the objective is to be the first army to have 7 kills.
  2. BATTLELORD: In this single or multi-player mode of play, the objective is to rescue the opposing Tribe’s Queen Lord and then return her to your home base. The enemy will be trying to capture your Queen Lord at the same time, a game of intense action as well as battle tactics.
  3. ANNIHILATION: In this single or multi-player mode of play, the objective is simple – kill them before they kill you! This mode is a simple-to-play blast-fest where the last tank standing wins.
  4. FAMILY MODE: In this single or multi-player mode of play, simplified controls and furious Deathmatch action will have the entire family blasting away at each other instantly. The objective is to be the first army with 7 kills.
  5. CAMPAIGN: In this single player mode you start with one tank, and must journey across the continent taking out rival gangs and rescuing their captives. To successfully cross the continent the player will need to build and manage his army along the way. The Campaign consists of seventeen action packed levels with graphic illustrations and full motion video sequences that bridge the BattleTanx story line throughout the game.

Additional highlights:

  1. "Feel It!" Rumble Pak support
  2. Multiple camera views allow for play from the cockpit or 3rd person with instant camera switching to the Goliath tank guarding the fortress.
  3. Split and Quad screen – Up to 4 player action.


You are Griffin Spade, warrior and battle leader in a post-Apocalyptic future. Your destiny is to fight your way across the radioactive wastelands that were once known as America, in order to find the woman you love.

You can still remember how it all started. The precursor of the Apocalypse was a lethal virus that appeared from nowhere. Known as the X2 Virus, it was selective, choosing only females to act as its host. The second phase of the Apocalypse was anarchy, caused by panic among the men who dominated governments worldwide. Focusing their attention on saving the remaining women, governments rounded up all survivors, by force if necessary, and relocated them to secure, quarantined facilities in secret locations. This policy was implemented virtually worldwide. Discontentment and rioting soon followed, as groups of men banded together to form pseudo-militias. The barrier between civilization and anarchy toppled, and the world became a barbaric collection of small nation-states virtually overnight.

The third and final phase of the Apocalypse was global war. The remnants of the world's governments opted for what was in their short-term best interest. With this twisted logic, the country that could secure the most women would be in the best position for maintaining its population. Countries with large military forces immediately attacked neighbors in hopes of capturing and containing their surviving females. Although there are no known records about who fired the first nuclear shot, in the end it didn't matter.

The world as you knew it is gone, devoured in the purifying fire of nuclear cataclysm. The massive amount of fallout caused catastrophic famine and ecological damage across the entire planet. Over half of the sprawling cities that once consumed the land with their brilliance and innovation are now only rubble. However, the X2 Virus is no longer a threat - the few women who have survived its decimation are all immune, and infinitely precious to the few surviving men who still populate a desolate Earth.

The survivors of the devastation now claim ownership to vast regions. These militarized gangs are known as Tribes, and they show no mercy to strangers. In these societies, women are now treated as holy entities. Referred to as QueenLords, they are both tribal rulers and objects of jealous adoration. Tribes guard their QueenLords at any cost. Almost certainly Madison can be found somewhere under the "protection" of such a Tribe...